Terms & Conditions

TradingCopycat.com, as of May 2020

  1. Trading Copycat and TradingCopycat.com are trading names for Copycat Trading Ltd.
  2. All payments for commissions and administration fees are to be made on time and when due. These payments are expected by return and are paid by bank transfer or BACS to Copycat Trading Ltd.
  3. Copycat Trading Ltd are not financial advisors or investment consultants or brokers . We are not qualified to give financial advice nor are we registered with the FSA.
  4. Copycat Trading Ltd take no responsibility for your funds, and accept no liability for any trading losses that you might have. Trading with us at Copycat Trading Ltd is completely the responsibility of any party that links to our automated service.
  5. Commissions paid to Copycat Trading Ltd for any specific trading period cannot be claimed against for any losses in any future trading period.
  6. Each trading period will be assessed for profit performance individually. Copycat Trading Ltd reserve the right to to change the closing date of any trading or billing period.
  7. All clients who are deemed to be in arrears with payments of administration fees or commission fees will result in the probable suspension of the link to our automated trading service. We will not be liable for any losses that arise from any suspension of the auto trading system.