Privacy policy


Privacy is important to us. Your data will not be retained or stored with us after any financial transaction or purchase. We will only retain contact details where there is going to be a need for ongoing communication between us. We will not share your details with any third party.

Your Privacy document covers any information shared with our website or with us through the purchase of any of our trading information or educational links.

Our privacy notice covers all interactions with our website and social channels through viewing or purchasing of our services.

Please read the policy carefully and contact us with any questions or concerns about our privacy practices.


Who we are?

We are /

Trading Copycat and are trading names for Go Alkali Ltd


What information do we collect? 

We collect your email address upon contact with our website and may on occasion contact that client from time to time.

When a client makes a purchase that payment information is protected via a secure Paypal Professional business account, we have no access to that payment information.

We collect name and email when an individual expresses interest in our services by completing a contact form or purchases our services.

At this point we do not collect data from third party sources.

We do not store or keep financial details or sensitive information relating to customers.

As a customer of ours we would retain your contact details for communication purposes only.


How do we use personal information? 

We only use your contact information for ongoing communication. We don't pass your details to any third parties .

We will need your data to help you set up your account. We will also be updating you with relevant updates and news from time to time. Our administration will require to communicate with you. Therefore your data will be retained while you continue to use our services. We will on occasion utilise your data to help carry out internal research and development.

Also we will on occasion carry out polls and surveys and use that information to assess the customer experience .

We only retain data to communicate with existing customers or to maintain communication with clients who have expressed an interest in our company by visiting our website.

Any sensitive information that we handle through the purchase process will not be stored or retained by Trading Copycat.

All payments and transactions will be made through Paypal business.



We will only process payment with your full consent. This consent can be withdrawn anytime by contacting us on

The client can cancel their monthly subscription at any time with at least 30 days notice .


Your Personal Details

We will not disclose or share any of your financial or personal information at any point. We do not share personal information at any time and will always treat your information confidentially.

We store and process your personal information from a secure and encrypted hard drive. We will not be sharing your data with any parties in any other region or country. We will not be transferring data out of the United Kingdom.

To protect data against accidental loss. We will be storing no financial or sensitive information at any time , all transactions of payment will be processed via Paypal.

Email and contact information will only be kept for ongoing communication, this information will only be kept in a secure and encrypted hard drive to prevent unauthorised access, use, destruction or disclosure.

Contact details for email and telephone communication will be backed up in a second encrypted hard drive in the case of disaster and to ensure continuity.

We as a company will carry out privacy impact assessments on an ongoing basis. We will review these assessments regularly.

No contractors will have access to any personal data . Our staff will regularly trained on the suitable handling of all data.

Our security for data and data storage will be regularly checked and where necessary upgraded.

We will only keep personal data and contact information during the term of our association with a client, and through any ongoing period during which they use or continue to utilise our website and our services.

We will keep your contact details only for the period during which you continue to use our services or website. Any payment or sensitive financial information will not be accessed by us and card payments will be handled by our merchant card services provider.

Contact information for communication purposes will only be retained for a period of 90 days from the clients last contact with us.

We do not intend at this point to use cookies or any similar tracking technologies at this point in time.


Your Rights 

We will allow any client to access all information or data that we have on record at any time. This information can be retrieved by way of an information request to our administration dept.

Any data we hold can be updated or corrected by the client by simply contacting our support dept if they feel we have any of their data stored incorrectly.

If a client has any issue with our storage of their data and the storage of personal data with us then they can contact our support dept and withdraw their details at anytime.

If you as a client wish access to any information or data we have regarding you as a client. or should you have any questions or concerns about your privacy or our privacy practices please contact us on