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Fill out the form below to get started. We will send you information on how to set up your account.



We will link your account to our automated trading algorithm, you won't even need to have your computer on. You can check over the weeks how your account is doing.



Once you are beginning to see real growth on your funds, we will then invoice you for 25% of the profits every 60 day period. When you receive the invoice you have 7 days to pay us, it's as simple as that! When you make a profit, we make a profit.

What is the recommended starting capital?

Due to the high frequency of trades, there could be several trade positions open at any one time, we recommend a minimum starting balance of £2000 GBP. It would be ideal, if your finances could afford to start with £5000 GBP or more, that would be better. However £2000 or more will then be in line with the past performance risk management settings at minimum trade size positions, any less than this would be over risking on the individual positions.

Do I have to do anything at my end?

No, all trade management is handled by the algorithm, you will see the open trades when you log into your broker's account, but we strongly recommend not to interfere with these as the statistics are based on long term proven strategies, there will be periods of stagnation and drawdown but this is expected in any type of trading. The reason most people fail at trading is that they get emotionally involved, this algorithm was designed to take that emotional aspect away.

What customers say about us:


29/12/20 - I have been a member since the beginning of December and extremely pleased on the simplicity and success, I am already up over 20% and intend increasing my funds shortly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any body to give Trading Copycat a try and hope to make a few referrals myself. Thank you Trading Copycat.

karen barr


Having a fairly small amount in my trading account, I cannot believe Trading Copycat have made me £1725 in the last 6 1/2 weeks - beyond my expectations - just amazing - would have taken my bank about 4 years to achieve the same -thank you so much.



The most fantastic feature for me is that I don't have to sit watching a screen for hours on end with the inevitable heart in mouth scenarios. I never look at the trades - no need. I get an email each evening shortly after the markets close showing all the trades for the day (open and closed) and the results.

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Referral Program

Because of the number of clients asking for an affiliate/referral program

We have launched our Referral Program

How this works is if you send us the email address of a person or a number of persons we will register them as your referral on our system.
We will then pay one fifth of the commissions we make on the client or clients introduced.